This [Crazy] Week in Social Media

Being a social media manager is a fun job. We get to be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all day and it’s completely okay because it’s our kind of our job. But this week was especially eventful with so much going on in the world of social media. So let’s try to sort all of this out.


You can now bookmark Tweets

There is a new symbol on your Twitter app. It’s right next to the favorite button [đź–¤]. Click that button to bookmark a tweet and save it for later. Users will be forced to either favorite or retweet content in order to save it for later. Favorites and retweets are public (to your followers, at least). With this new bookmark feature, you can now save content for later in privacy. This update is only for the mobile version of Twitter. Don’t see it? Make sure your Twitter app has been updated.

Twitter is taking on the bots

Foreign robots infiltrating social media sounds like an awesome secret agent but unfortunately, it’s a reality social platforms are having to deal with. Twitter is doing its part to take on all the bots. Under its new rules, users will no longer be able to post duplicate, or otherwise similar content to multiple accounts in an attempt to combat spam. This limitation also applies to scheduling such content with third-party applications. Violation of this will result in “enforcement action, up to and including the suspension of associated applications and accounts.” Godspeed, Larry.

Facebook has merged Ads Manager and the Power Editor into a new Ads Manager

Facebook is “combining the powerful ad creation and editing features of Power Editor with the ease of use and familiarity advertisers love in Ads Manager.” While they’re at it, they’re also simplifying some Facebook metrics. Facebook metrics confused you from the start? Try this out for size.

Facebook ads can now appear in Marketplace

Facebook has opened up its Marketplace as a place to show your ads. Advertising on Facebook is such a powerful tool because of the depth of the Facebook Audience Network and now that network has (sort of) expanded. Advertisers will have  Catalogue sales, traffic, and conversions to choose from. Traffic and conversions objectives will require that advertiser to show a “Show Now” button as the CTA in their ad. We’re definitely at the potential for our Builder IQ clients.

Vero is setting out to take on Instagram

Vero is a new social network setting its sights on Instagram. The (for now) free platform pledges to keep businesses and promotions of their experience, instead, opting for a real-time timeline experience. Vero will seek revenues by charging users for their service. They’ve offered to give the first million users a lifetime of free Vero. Earlier this week, they surpassed the 1 million mark and their site has experienced some service interruptions. They’ve extended their free service offer until further notice. Will Vero steal market share from Instagram? We’ll see.

Facebook will NOT feature two news feeds

Facebook played around with splitting news feeds in two: one for your friends and the other for businesses. Their test came as a response to users wanting to see more content from their family friends. They’ve ended the test. The test took place in six countries and the response was overwhelming: users didn’t want two news feeds. So instead, Facebook simply started prioritizing content from your family and friends over businesses, throwing everyone into a frenzy. Now businesses have to engage their organic audiences differently or pay the price (literally and figuratively).

Facebook is going to make it easier to create events

Facebook is testing out a feature that would create Facebook Events from your posts. They’ve been working on the feature for about a year. They’ll use the information within your post to create the event itself. Thanks, Facebook – we’re Interested!

Whew, that’s a lot to digest.

That’s it (we think). Social media is an ever-changing landscape. When the rules change, we have to roll with those changes.


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