Why Having a Well Designed Website is Important

Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more – Alexander Isley

As a home builder, the purpose of having a website is to provide information to potential customers. Ideally, these potential customers will absorb the information given and make the decision to transition from potential customer to customer.

Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite that easy.

Before your potential customer is able to digest the information that is provided, they have to be able to find the information. In this mobile age, your time to reach potential customers is limited. If your website is hard to navigate, disorganized, and/or confusing, it is extremely likely that you will lose potential customers.

Potential customers come to your website to find information, but if they can’t find the information quickly, they’re gone.

So, what does all of this have to do with design? A large factor in your website’s success in converting potential customers to customers is user experience, or UX. What is UX? According to Dictionary.com, user experience is the perception and response of a person toward design elements of a software or digital media while interacting with it; i.e., user experience is a potential customer’s assessment of whether they like your website or not based off the way it looks and functions.

Your website might be the first (and possibly last) thing a potential customer sees for your business. This is when impressions mean everything – first impressions, last impressions…make sure your site shows your brand in the right light. A potential customer is likely comparing your site to many other home builder websites, and while this person might not be a designer, the way your site looks, the ease of navigation, and the quality of content are all subconsciously impacting their opinion of your business. The reputation of your company depends on the design of your website.

Is your website designed well?

If you think you might be needing a new website, or you’re not sure, we are happy to help! The BuilderIQ team can perform a free Opportunity Review on your current website and online presence. This review will open up the opportunity areas and find areas that are doing really well. Contact us today and make sure your online model home is as good as the real deal.